Thursday 22 September 2022

Autumn In The Apple Orchard

Autumn Fall Apple Orchard Outfit

UK Apple Picking Orchard

Apple Picking Orchard Autumn

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Autumn brings an excitement like no other. Every year I look forward to bundling up under layers just to have just a few minutes of serotonin walking through the crisp rust coloured leaves that crunch under foot. Heading back inside after a chilly day to be welcomed by comforting soups, breads and bakes followed by a candle lit, steaming hot bath to unwind into. When October hits, I actually mourn for Autumn pretty early. I appreciate every change in the season and take each day as it comes, indulging in Halloween when it rolls around and ticking off my Autumn to-do list when each new opportunity arises. 

Apple picking has become a yearly tradition of mine, the perfect way to set up for a weekend of baking delicious apple themed treats. Whether it's a cinnamon sprinkled apple crumble with a crunchy sugary top or a simple pumpkin shaped apple pie, I always find heading to an apple orchard the best way to get myself in the Autumn spirit. 

The apples at Castle Farm in Kent feel like they're straight from Snow White. Perfectly ripe, round and red, I struggled to not eat my way through the stash on the way home. Although the trees are browning, the weather hasn't quite followed suit, but on this day, I got lucky. I donned my Joanie Apple Jumper* paired with a burgundy pinafore to the apple orchard, but I knew the outfit wasn't complete without a pair of Green Wellington Boots! They were perfect for stomping around the apple orchard, avoiding squished apples below. 

Autumn Fall Apple Orchard Outfit

Autumn Apple Picking Farm


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