Tuesday 3 November 2020

5 Hobbies To Take Up This Month

Hobbies To Take Up

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If you're anything like me, you'll know the struggle of promising yourself that you'll take up a new hobby at the weekend or even the next month, but you never get around to doing it. With a little bit extra time on my hands now, I thought I would inspire myself and maybe even one you reading to turn to a new hobby. 

(It goes without saying that even if your hobby is taking afternoon naps or just muddling your way through the next four weeks then that is 100% okay.) 

Make your own candles | I've already made these super easy beeswax candles that you simply only have to cut your wick, roll them up and you've got a deliciously scented candle to relax with. Saying that, I want to turn my hand to something a little more difficult and 

Read a book a week | I'm starting small with the goal of reading a book a week throughout the next month, but I have to admit once I get engrossed in a read I sometimes find it hard to put it down. There's a few picks on my to-read pile (that I'll be sharing soon), but I may re-read some of my favourites for nostalgia purposes. 

Get back Into embroidering | I started embroidery a few months ago and I really enjoyed it. I started off with a kit to learn the basic stitches and then I went head first into designing my own. It's super fun to get creative in the evening and you can easily lose a couple of hours embroidering away - I recommend with some relaxing music and a cup of tea for optimum effect! 

Nail art | With nail places closed for a little while now, I'm sure you'll be turning to doing your own manicure at home. Now is the best time to experiment with nail art as if you mess it up no one will be around to see it! These Gold Moon Nail Gems are a personal favourite of mine. 

Make your own Christmas decorations | With the festive season slowly creeping up on us, now is a great time to start crafting your own Christmas decorations. Pom pom garlands, paper chains and putting together your own door wreath are all great DIY ideas that'll be sure to take up an afternoon or two. 

Here are some other indoor hobby ideas to take up:

- Scrapbooking
- Painting 
- Pottery
- Start a gratitude diary 
- Calligraphy 
- Yoga 
- Propagate your houseplants 
- Start a podcast 

Will you be taking up any hobbies over the next month? 

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