Thursday 19 November 2020

Lush Christmas 2020 Collection

Lush Christmas 2020 Review
A Lush haul has become part of my Christmas tradition, stocking up on old favourites as well as well trying out the new products. It's one of my tasks this time of the year to create the ultimate relaxing bath time, so today I am sharing with you my Lush Christmas 2020 haul and my first thoughts. 

It was actually Kinky Boots that made me do a Lush order in the first place as I was intrigued by the bubble bar and bath oil combination on offer. It's sexy floral scent is beautiful and it promises moisturising properties (the black boots part), so I'm looking forward to a luxurious feeling bath. 

If you're a fan of the classic Lush bath bombs with popping candy, then you may enjoy Tick-Tock. This golden robot is absolutely adorable and although I tend to opt for Lush products which offer more than just a fragrance, this was a great uplifting citrusy pick that kind of smelt like Dib Dab's and filled my bath with a vivid orange water. 

Everybody has heard of Snow Fairy Shower Gel by now and this year they have a lot of candy floss scented products to indulge yourself in too. Although I was tempted, I actually wanted something a little different this time, so I opted for Yog Nog. It's the perfect sweet scent which looks and smells like caramel with a glistening golden shimmer running through it - a new favourite! 

I was gutted to see that they haven't got a reusable bubble bar on a stick like they usually come out with, but I was happy to see that Candy Cane had made a return. Although it's not peppermint scented like you'd imagine, it has got an uplifting fresh scent which makes a change from the usual sweet scents usually on offer. It is one of my favourites as you only need to run it under the tap for 30 seconds to create a pile of bubbles and it can be used multiple times! 

I was looking forward to trying out Elfie Stick, but was left a little disappointed as I'm not sure I get the banana foam scent that everyone else gets from it. It still creates a good amount of baths, but the yellow tinted bath isn't particularly festive. 

Although Sleepy Bubble Bar isn't part of the Christmas range, it does feature in quite a lot of the Christmas gift sets, so I thought I'd feature it in this post anyway. As a fan of Lush's Sleepy range already, I knew that I would love the calming lavender scent. This bubble bar offers that came scent, but creates an abundance of soothing bubbles to dive into - it's quickly become my favourite Lush product! It's a lot bigger than I was expecting and you only need to break a little bit off to run under the tap with each bath, so this should last a fair few baths. 

What are your Lush Christmas 2020 favourites? 


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