Monday 23 November 2020

Home & Lifestyle Christmas Gift Guide

Home Lifestyle Christmas Gift Guide
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As I've got older, I've appreciated home and lifestyle presents even more. They often have a lot of thought put into them and come in helpful throughout the year ahead too. Today I am compiled a list of my top lifestyle Christmas present finds for everybody. 

One of my best ideas that I've had is to do a self-care themed present. 2020 has been stressful for a lot of us and I'm sure anybody would love a chance to unwind and relax. I think This Works Deep Sleep Spray would be very appreciated alongside a Kindred Fires Personalised Candle and a pair of The White Company Faux Fur Slippers. Add some bath salts or a bath bomb and you'll probably be someones favourite gift giver! 

For new home owners, couples or anybody that loves cheese!), a cheese board would be a great idea. Chances are they probably won't have a board and knives, but it'd be something they'd probably use for years to come. This John Lewis Green Marble one is my personal favourite - I'm even tempted myself. 

Games, gin making kits and anything you can get comfy always go down a treat especially as you can probably put on or play with them on the big day. I've put a few games in the widget below that I think you'll enjoy, but in terms of cosy items, I think this Marks and Spencer Fleece Flannel Pyjamas would be a great pick! 

Please find my other top picks in the widget below: 


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