Thursday 6 September 2018

Toni & Guy Curl Squad Reverse Wand

Toni & Guy Curl Squad Reverse Wand Review
Toni & Guy Curl Squad Reverse Wand Review
Toni & Guy Curl Squad Reverse Wand Review
- This post is sponsored by Toni & Guy, but all thoughts are my own - 

There's nothing I love more than adding a new hair tool to my collection. I love creating new looks and finding the best tools for the job and the Toni & Guy Curl Squad Reverse Wand is my newest addition which has helped me create relaxed, beautiful waves with ease. 

With a 13-25mm reverse barrel this creates the perfect everyday curl as it's not too loose nor too tight either and it's even throughout. I feel like the barrel design seriously enables me to get volume to my usually flat hair especially if I'm using this just after I washed my hair or towards the end of my washing cycle too. 

I simply section my hair off into three sections; starting with the bottom section I start to curl and then I work my way up. What I find with this styler is just how quick it is to curl my whole head of hair. Usually it would take more than a few bendy angles, numb arms and a good half an hour, but this has cut the time in half. I'm not sure if that's due to the barrel, but it's a dream to make my hair look this relaxed and wavy. This styler comes with a glove to protect your hands and fingers, which may seem like a simple addition to the box, but one that is very needed for somebody as clumsy as me and it's got a great use too. It makes sure you can curl all the way to the end of each lock because you're no longer leaving an inch at the bottom to save your fingers. 

After I've curled my whole hair, I ruffle it up using my fingers and go through it with a hair serum to smooth and then I'm ready. I can't wait to wear this style throughout Autumn and I love that on the second day it looks great wrapped up into a relaxed pony tail as it still holds it curl and looks full of volume. 

Will you be trying out this Toni and Guy Curl Squad Reverse Wand?

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