Thursday 27 September 2018

A New Season To-Do List

Autumn is here! I can't tell you how happy I am, as my favourite season has arrived and I feel like it's my month's that I really thrive. I've got both my own  birthday coming up followed by Halloween, Bonfire Night and the lead up to Christmas. I wanted to share with you a few of my goals for the next few months and a to-do list too. 

Go To A Pumpkin Field | I've been going on about going to a pumpkin field pretty much as soon as I left one last year. It was one of my favourite days out, so I will definitely be heading back this year too. It made me feel so cosy picking out our pumpkins to carve and eat! 

Find A Cosy Pair of PJ's | I put myself on a pyjama ban and I haven't bought any new ones in well over a year, so I'm due an upgrade. The ASOS Moon In Space Set are high up on my list as they'd be perfectly cosy for the upcoming cold weather. Saying this, the Velvet Set is my guilty pleasure because I think I'd actually live in them! 

Enjoy My Birthday | I'm an Autumn baby - you wouldn't have guessed would you? One of my main goals for this season is to enjoy every minute of my birthday, see friends and have a good time. I still haven't got anything planned, but it's going to be a great October. 

Pick Up Some Autumn Releases | Lush's Halloween AND Christmas range has been released just in time for my birthday and let me tell you I'm going to be treating myself. On top of my excitement for their yearly release, I have my eye on some of the other Christmas sets including the Beauty Bakerie Flour Powder Kit and I'm still pondering over the Hourglass Holiday Palette

Bake Pumpkin Treats | One top of pumpkin treats, I've got a few apple recipes I want to try too. I want to turn my hand to possibly making pumpkin gnocchi or a take on this roasted pumpkin recipe I found. I feel like the colder weather is the perfect time to bake something to eat whilst you're binge watching Netflix or to warm yourself up after an afternoon outside exploring the local woods. 

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- Boohoo Leopard Print Midi Skirt -

What's on your new season to-do list? 

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