Wednesday 26 September 2018

Drunk Elephant Agent Ellie Kit

 Hands up if you're excited about Drunk Elephant coming to the UK! I've already tried out 90% of their range now and I've got a wishlist as long as my arm for when I can purchase some more full sized versions. I was lucky to get sent the new Agent Ellie Kit* which includes a full sized product and four minis to have a value of $138 when it costs a fraction of the price at $88 - great if you're looking to try out a few of their products and you're looking to treat yourself too. 

First up is the only product from this kit I haven't tried and that's the Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defence which is the sister of the Umbra Sheer which I was using throughout Summer. I've tried it a couple of times on my skin and it works in a similar way just with a slight tint to it which I could imagine would be great during the warmer months when you want something to even out your skin tone without it being heavy. 

The B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum is probably the one product I'm most excited about trying the full version of as I've got a few miniatures now, but I know they're going to run out at some point. It can be mixed in with a moisturiser, oil, SPF or even a foundation to boost it's hydrating properties or thin the formula out. It's a great all rounder and I feel like it'll be popular amongst dry skin types. 

We've now got his 'n' hers Protini Polypeptide Creams and although I think I'd be swayed more towards buying a big size of their Lala Retro Cream it's a lovely moisturiser nevertheless. Their end goal is similar, but the formulas and textures are very different. Protini is nourishing, whilst promising the improve the look of my skin's texture and firmness. 

Next up is the Shaba Complex Eye Serum which is a lightweight offering which delivers hydration and smoothness. The mini version is a healthy amount to give it a good try and I'd actually say I wouldn't buy the full sized because of this because you only need a tiny amount each time. 

Lastly is the C-Firma Day Serum which is the full sized product in this kit which brightens the complexion amazingly quickly. When I first tried this my skin took some time to get used to it as I wasn't used to many acids back then and it made my complexion sensitive, but given time and patience, you can build up your tolerance to it. My number one tip and something I didn't do with my miniatures was to pop this in the fridge to protect it's potency, so I've learnt from my mistakes and have been using it cold to refresh my skin in the morning. I'll report back! 

Drunk Elephant is coming to the UK early October to Cult Beauty and Space NK. You can sign up to shop the range first here and here

Have you tried any Drunk Elephant products? 

This post contains affiliate links. If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. 

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