Tuesday 4 September 2018

Morphe First Impressions

Morphe First Impressions
 I've only ever tried one Morphe brush and it's one that I use everyday, so when Cult Beauty sent me over a parcel full of their products to try out I was happy that to try out more of their picks as they're lots of peoples favourites. I haven't had enough time to test them all out thoroughly, but I wanted to give you my first impression as I've used them everyday since I got them. 

First up is the two eyeshadow brushes I got sent, the M433* and M411* both to use to blend and buff in your eyeshadow. They're not as affordable as always had the impression they were, but for the £7.99 mark this does the job nicely and I haven't had any problems with shredding or scratchiness at all - I'm quite impressed really and glad I have two new brushes for eye makeup as I was in dire need. The other brush I have is the M536* which has been designed to blend, buff and bake, but I felt like it was too big for under eye concealer, too small for foundation and too compact for face powder. I'm yet to find a use for this which makes it feel worth it as my beauty blender is currently doing everything it can do. 

I tried the Eyelid Primer* on a night out I went on last week and I wasn't expecting much as I felt like despite it being translucent, the silicone feel looked like it would ball up on my lids, but I've got to give it to it, my eyeshadow didn't budge whatsoever once applied. Once you get used to having to blend a little quicker before everything sets down, your look will stay put throughout the day and night. 

I feel like when it comes to blushers, a full blush palette may have all your basis covered, so investing in a palette for £20 when you get eight shades isn't bad at all. The Warm Master Palette* is the one I got sent and all the hues on the top row is perfect for my skin tone and the other ones can be played around with too. They add a great amount of colour, not looking too over powering nor underwhelming, just a pop of pink on your cheeks when you need some extra radiance. 
Morphe First Impressions
I've got to admit that the Morphe eyeshadows have never appealed to me because the palettes are undoubtedly huge and I struggle to store them without taking up lots of space, but I can see the appeal as there's 32 shades to chose from and you can really create any look you want. I got the 39A Dare To Create Artistry Palette* which has a few warm toned shades that I could wear, but overall I wouldn't reach for a lot, but the shadow quality isn't bad at all especially for the price. For just over a £1 a shadow pan, it's a bargain if you'd get wear out of every hue in this and the Fall Into Frost Palette looks a lot more up my street. Something to note is that I think my palette has a few duplicate shades instead of the shades that it should do, so just to note that you should check your palette over when it first arrives! 

I adore a setting spray and finding a good one doesn't happen very often, so when I spotted the Continuous Setting Mist* I instantly sprayed it on there and then. I initially thought that it would mattify the skin, but it actually add a subtle glow and is great if you've got a little heavy handed with the powder. 

The Get Lit Highlighter* has a massive pan for the price in my opinion and I can't see anybody using this up quickly, but the shade for me is a little bit off as it's yellow in tone. I'm not sure if it's the hue or the formula, but if not blended right it can look a little too shalky on me personally. 

On the whole, I've got mixed opinions on Morphe, but the brushes still remain great for the price and I can see myself picking a few new ones up in the near future. Despite some of the makeup not being my cup of tea, there's no doubt that some of the products are still worth the shot (which surprised me!) and therefore they've intrigued me to possibly try more out. 

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