Friday 7 September 2018

Clay Masks For Dry Skin

Clay Masks For Dry Skin
As someone with dehydrated skin, I use to stay clear from clay based masks regularly as I found them a little too drying and stripping of the skin, but over the years I've really become fond of some amazing gems and thought I'd share my favourites with you. I feel like it's the season of prepping your skin for colder months and the transitional period always plays havoc with my complexion, so this comes at just the right time. I thought I'd just say that obviously everybody's skin is different, but these are the products that I've found to work for my sensitive dry/combination skin. 

The Origins Clear Improvement Mask feels like the OG clay mask as it was one of the first ones I tried many years ago and it still remains one I use to this day. I don't get as much use out of it as I should, but it doesn't stop me from gushing about it. In ten minutes it helps to draw out any clogged pores and despite being more on the drying side, when paired with a hydrating mask you really reap the benefits even more. 

Another old favourite of mine is the Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Mask* which I've had several pots of now. It is a good allrounder as it has more of a slick to it's formula than most clay masks, so not only does it help clear the skin, it helps calm down any existing blemishes you may have. 

Not everyone likes an intense mask and if you're one of these people, you may want to steer clear from the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask* because it does leave your skin looking red after removal, but the benefits outweigh this in my opinion. It brightens and tightens the pores the best out of the bunch, 

Next up is the Philosophy Purity Pore Extractor Mask* does what it says on the tin as it minimises the amount of blackheads you have especially around my nose and chin, smoothing the skin with it's scrub-like formula. Once again, this one is rather intense, but for a deep cleanse, it's definitely one to check out. 

Last, but not least, it's the Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, the most used mask in this line up. I adore it and it works a treat on any of my problematic areas and when paired with the Moisturising Moon Mask, my skin drinks it up and I really see the benefits. I feel like I've gone on about this duo a lot, but it's not too harsh on my skin and when I'm feeling dehydrated, but still got a few blemishes to clear up, I tend to reach for this mask to do so. If you'd like 10% off your first Glossier order you can use my link here -

What are your favourite clay masks? 

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links. 

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