Tuesday 18 September 2018

A Gallery Wall Tour

- This post is sponsored by Desenio, but all thoughts are my own - 

For several years now I've had prints dotted around my home as I find them the best way to fill empty spaces and add a bit of colour to plain wall. Recently, I've been on the mission to spruce up my living room and bedroom, deciding that a gallery wall in each would be the perfect way to inject some warm colours, new shapes and patterns too. Desenio came to the rescue and delivered some amazing prints that I just had to share. 

First up is the tour of my living room gallery wall which is made up of seven prints ranging from an A5 size like the Bee Print which I got in a gold frame to a 40x50 the Monstera Three which couldn't fit nicer in with my brass details and bare stone wall of my living area.  I didn't want the wall to be uniform, opting for varied sizes in frames and for empty spaces to be left so I got fill them with planters or more prints if I wish at a later date. 

The Pink Sky Print which I got in a size 30X40cm is the perfect fit and the gold frame compliments the gold running through it too. It's probably my favourite pick from the bunch as it's not too in your face, but still had a healthy dose of colour to my bare white walls. I also think that both the leaf and sky print compliments the Ombré Pink Clouds I have in the top right corner. 

I'm obsessed with anything with moon prints on, so I knew that I had to get the Moon Phases and I thought that having it landscape added something different to the whole feature wall. Another different element to my gallery wall is the Poster Hanger I got for my Breathe Print which works by using magnets on two sides of wood and securing the print in place. It's nice to break up the harsh lines of the wooden frames and means that if I was to put in a hanging planter or wall art then it'll match perfectly. 
As for my bedroom, I didn't know whether a gallery wall would suit the area or not, but as we've got a protruding wall where our fireplace is downstairs, I thought it would look perfect there. I've got a set of three brass wall mounts which I usually put air plants in to add a pop of green to the space too. We've got copper lamps on our side tables which I did pull everything together and the array of coloured cushions stops the area looking too white and bright. 

The gallery wall consists of three prints, the Always Choose Happiness one is my favourites because of the typography and the pink background that I feel isn't too in your face. Like I said earlier, I'm obsessed with anything moon print, so I knew I had to have one in bedroom too and I feel like the grey tones in that print work well with the & Black Marble print that is hanging above it. 

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Do you like my two gallery walls? 

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