Friday 15 September 2017

Makeup That Needs No Tools

I often use makeup which needs no tools when I'm in a rush or I want a simple, natural makeup look. These tend to be the creamy formula products of my makeup bag that can completely feel like finger painting with makeup, and there's no denying that they can create a luminous, easy to blend finish with ease. It was Thirteen Thoughts who inspired this blog post, so I thought I would share with you my top makeup products that can be applied with no tools. 

Liquid highlighters are one of the easiest products to apply without tools and although I love an intense powder highlighter, for a more ethereal glow there's nothing quite like the NYX Sunbeam Liquid Illuminator. It can be blended into the base before your foundation or concealer and can be applied afterwards too. 

Talking of concealer, there aren't many that you can get away with creating a flawless finish with just your fingers, but the Kat Von D Lock It Concealer does just that. It's high coverage, yet natural looking and is great to carry around with you for touch ups. 

Glossier is the epitome of easy to use, natural makeup and they hit the nail on the head every time. I can't wait for them to officially launch in the UK, but whilst we wait, I think you should add the Dusk Cloud Paint and Quartz Haloscope to your wishlist. The latter is great at adding a glossy sheen to the skin, can be used as a base for a more intense highlighter, or just left alone. I personally adore this either over a lightweight foundation or on it's own to really perk up my lacklustre skin. The Cloud Paint is a great product too and as you don't need to use any tools with it, you can feel like you're finger painting with it. Dab a little bit on your cheeks and you get a seamless colour once blended. 

I've got quite a few cream eyeshadows that I rate in my collection and no one does it better than Charlotte Tilbury in my opinion. The Bronzed Garnet Colour Chameleon is great when you want a soft smokey eye with one flick of the wrist. It's a perfect coppery brown hue that can be easily be blended with your finger and can be used in conjunction with other cream products. The other Charlotte Tilbury product I love is the Bette Eyes To Mesmerise, a burnt amber shade that has extreme longevity and intense pigmentation. 

Two other eye products I love to use when I have no tools are the By Terry Ombre Blackstars, as they super easy to use and the 3ina Cream Eyeshadow* is similar in that it's comfortable and non-drying on the eyes. 

What are your favourite tool-less beauty products? 

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links. 


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