Saturday 9 September 2017

10 Things To Do As We Head Into The New Season

The leaves are slowly turning crisp and brown, the thunderstorms are coming in and I'm feeling cosier than ever. Although I know it's not officially Autumn until the 22nd September, I'm preparing myself for the new season by creating a to-do list of all the things I want to do before Autumn hits. 

Plan Some Fun Autumnal Activities | Once again, I want to make the most out of every event this season, starting with my birthday, followed by Halloween and finishing with Bonfire Night. I'm making it my mission to spend an afternoon at a pumpkin patch to pick up the perfect sized pumpkin. I also want to spend a little bit more time outside in the woods on my bike, head to a local firework show and maybe even plan a trip into London for the Christmas markets. 

Cook Up A Feast | One of my guilty pleasure is putting on The Great British Bake Off, baking up a batch of your favourite cookies or cooking up a huge roast dinner with extra crispy rosemary potatoes. I love welcoming the new season in with fresh vegetables, a big feast and my favourite comfort food. 

Put Your PJ's On The Radiator or Tumble Dry Them | You'll probably laugh at this, but with the weather getting colder and rainier, I like nothing more than to scramble into a pair of warm pyjamas. It's nearly dressing gown weather again, so I'm super excited to feel cosy once more. 

Clean From Top To Bottom | I really want to have a clear out of my wardrobe, cleaning as I go to make my home feel refreshed. I'm thinking of using it as an excuse to pick up a few new homeware bits and maybe even treat myself to a rug and a cushion or two. 

Take A Sneak Peek At The A/W Releases | Halloween themed stuff is slowly being released and although it's a little too early for some people, I'm loving all the dreamy cat themed items like this ASOS Velvet Cross Body Bag. Along with that, I've already purchased lots of Lush Halloween picks ready for a very early blog post! (Is September too early?).  

Listen To A New Podcast | Although My Dad Wrote A Porno isn't a new find for us, we have been saving up all the newest episodes to binge listen to in bed on a rainy Saturday morning. 

Start A Reading List Again | I've really fallen out of the habit of reading nightly and as we're going away soon, I want to purchase a few new books with the Amazon 3 for £10 offer (Bargain!). I'm slowly collecting books again to read over the colder months, but I want to get through them a lot quicker and finally get back into a page turner. 

Collect Some Conkers and Pine Cones | I've already picked up a few, but I believe you can't have too many and I love either scattering them around my home or getting creative with them. 

Paint My Nails In An Autumnal Shade | Let's ignore that I've been sporting a berry shade for the last couple of weeks in anticipation for Autumn because I feel like it's tradition to wear a few darker hues as we head into Autumn. 

Start Watching Gilmore Girls Again | Gilmore Girls turned into almost a daily tradition last year and I want to watch it again purely because it's one of the cosiest shows I've ever watched. It's light hearted, funny in places and super entreating, I'd recommend it to anybody that wants an easy watch. 

What is on your Autumn to-do list? 

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