Wednesday 13 September 2017

Current Lifestyle Favourites

There's been some exciting things happening behind the scenes around these areas and I'm so happy that slowly but surely some of my projects are being revealed. I wanted to do a blog post all about my current lifestyle favourites as I feel like I haven't talked about anything lifestyle related in a little while. 

First up, I have to give a quick mention to Blogosphere Magazine, a magazine I have been beauty editor for over the last three editions. I got to mention five of my favourite bloggers at the moment, Like Neon Love, The Makeup DirectoryLelore, Beauty By Kelsey and Hannah Hearts. It's being super lovely working with them and I hope I get to work with them again in the future. 

Another favourite of mine is candles; more specifically Bath and Body Works Candles. I've got a bit into cosy Autumn mode at the moment, so have been purchasing some off the internet to add to my collection - I've even bought a pumpkin magnet! I've already got my eye on the Camp Winter collection and I'm sure that the space in which they sit on my fireplace will become much more crowded soon. 

The biggest thing I've been looking forward to when it comes to the weather getting colder is the layers and the excuses to buy more jumpers. After purchasing this ASOS Ribbed Ruffle Jumper and falling head over heels with it, I then picked up the New Look Funday Jumper as they both have that lightweight material that can be easily layered under coats. 

I'm going away this weekend to Scotland which I'm really looking forward to as it means we get to ride our bikes and chill out in our cottage (which has a wood stove!). I'm planning on spending the day outside in the cold and coming back to a steaming hot bath and a book. I've been feeling anxious for the past week, so I think it'll be nice to unwind and relax. 

What are your current lifestyle favourites?

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