Sunday 3 September 2017

Getting Organised For The New Season

There's just something about September that makes me want to go stationery shopping, have a calendar overhaul and organise myself for the new season. I think it stems from going to school, but of course now I don't go and instead work for myself, so I like to make September a time for a fresh start.  

At the moment, I'm currently having a bit of a makeup storage crisis as I haven't had a sort out in a good few months. Everything is overflowing, I'm living out of three makeup bags as I still haven't unpacked them since my holiday and I'm genuinely feeling rather unmotivated when it comes to makeup. In the upcoming weeks, I want to go through everything from my Ikea Alex Drawers to my Muji Storage, cleaning and throwing out any unwanted products as I go. 

I've got to admit that since moving in almost a year ago now, I haven't got a proper storage system going when it comes to my clothes. In fact it tends to all end up in a pile or simply rounded up and put into the washing bin. I want to pop down to Primark, get myself a bunch of hangers and really declutter my "floordrobe" ready for all the Autumn pieces I no doubt will pick up. 

When it comes to my laptop and phone, I'm awful at keeping almost anything and everything until my storage gets full. I want to have a clear out of the photographs I don't need anymore, sorting out any stray documents into their correct folders and updating any admin I need to do for the blog. 

Talking of blogging, I want September to be a fresh start for me when it comes to content. I feel like I've been falling behind and feeling slightly unmotivated in the process. My photographs have been slacking, I feel like I'm ready now for a new season's content and I'm hoping that this is the perfect time to get things sorted. I can't wait to get planning my Halloween, Autumnal and Christmas blog posts as I'm already excited to see how it will pan out. 

Will you been getting yourself organised this September? 

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