Saturday 16 September 2017

A Lush Halloween Haul

The colder weather and cosier nights have tempted me to start the Autumn and Halloween posts slightly earlier this year. After seeing the new Lush Halloween and Christmas ranges on their website, I was quick to snap a few bits up (one of many hauls no doubt!). 

There's a common theme running through this post and that's Pumpkins. I'm obsessed this year and the collection is starting earlier than ever. Sparkly Pumpkin is always a Halloween essential of mine and the glittery exterior always gets me feeling super magical. The scent is lovely and fresh too, but I do hope that Lush come out with some pumpkin spice scented products soon. 

With the original Sparkly Pumpkin being a yearly favourite of mine, I was skeptical about trying the Pink Pumpkin as the scent sounded more uplifting and floral than I usually go for when it comes to the Halloween collection. I'm not sure if it's the Jasmine, but it smells very similar to the Christmas Eve bubble bar. I had to instantly use Pink Pumpkin when it arrived and it created a delicious amount of bubbles that you can just dive into with only a small piece. 

When I first set eyes on the Bewitched Bubble Bar I knew I had to have, it purely because it turns your water black and glittery, something that's a little bit different to your usual bath product. It smells of blackberry, which gives me all of The Comforter feels and I'm so glad that's it's part of their Halloween collection now. 

Ahhh Pumpkin, the must have bath bomb that makes it's way into my basket every year. The vanillary, comforting scent just wraps me up in a blanket of cosiness and as it fizzles away, you get hit with the delicate vanilla and cinnamon scent. This bath bomb smells like the perfect combination of both warming and sweet - I end up getting a good handful of these every year and I don't think this year will be any different. 

Not Halloween related, but I held back on the Christmas releases (including Rose Jam, a purchase I now regret not making). The only item I picked up was the Twilight Shower Gel as I thought it would be a lovely addition to my lavender scented products that help me fall asleep. The purple colour and name gives me Halloween vibes, so I thought I'd treat myself and I'm so glad I did as this is a dream.  It's hands down my favourite scent as the lavender makes me feel relaxed and, when paired with Sleepy Body Lotion, it's a perfect treat for the skin. 

Are you planning on picking anything up from Lush's Halloween range? 

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