Sunday 5 April 2020

Three Essie Nude Spring Favourites

Essie Nude Nail Vanish Picks
Easy Nail Art Essie Geometric
Essie Nude Nail Vanish Picks
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Now seems like the perfect time to learn a new skill and for me, getting better at nail art is one that I want to tackle. I dug out three of my favourite Essie nail vanishes and decided to play around with them and I really liked the results, so thought I'd share them with you too! It's just a simple, geometric design that can be created with any variations of colours, but these are my go-to three. 

I start off by coating every nail with Essie's Spin The Bottle, a nude hue that is quite light, but I've loved this colour as it's always a fail safe when I want a sleek looking manicure. After it dries, I go in with Essie's Bare With Me which is still on the nude scale, but it leans more to the coral, peachy side which is great to contrast with the first layer. I started by gently (and slowly) just applying this shade to the top left hand corner of my nail, similar to a traditional french manicure and then I started to experiment a bit more with precision and do the same but towards the nail bed. 

If I wanted neater precision, I could wait for the first layer to dry, apply a bit of cellotape across the nail and peel off when dry. Repeating with each layer I wanted to add until I get the geometric shape I was looking for. For the third and final layer, I opted for Essie's Angora Cardi, a long time favourite of mine especially in Autumn as it's a gorgeous berry hue that compliments the other nudes perfectly. I simply repeat what I did with Bare With Me, but instead concentrate on the other half of the nail, overlapping sometimes and leaving negative spaces when I can. 

All three nail vanishes are perfect to be worn at this time of the year as I find that all three of these have great longevity and the colour stands the test of time too. 

What's your favourite Essie nail vanish shades? 

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