Thursday 23 April 2020

10 Best Etsy Shops To Buy Houseplants + Planters

Best Etsy Shops To buy houseplants and planters
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I'm back with another Etsy after the success of my last one and I thought I'd make this all about my favourite place to shop independently for houseplants and planters. I'm planning on doing a full houseplant tour at a later point, so today is all about my 10 go-to Etsy sellers that I think you should check out if you want to create your own indoor jungle or are looking to update some of your old plant pots. 

Stupid Egg Interiors | I've purchased from Stupid Egg Interiors a couple of times now and I can't recommend them enough. The plants they have on offer are super gorgeous and I particularly like the String of Hearts that I picked up as it's smaller and I wanted to give myself the challenge of watching it grow over the next few months, but they have bigger and longer options for those of you who don't want the wait. I've also been eyeing up their Hoya Kerrii (the love heart plant) as it's too cute to miss and I think the Mostera Monkey Mask would be great for those who like Monstera's, but they don't want a big one. 

Pretty Cactus PlantsAnother shop I can't get enough of is Pretty Cactus Plants, I've actually got the Hoya Carnosa Compacta on order at the moment and I can't wait to get it. The Dracena Compacta was also calling my name, so watch this space. They have reguarly re-stocks, so keep an eye out on their shop for updates! 

The Vintage Parlour | Although this shop on the whole doesn't cater to my exact tastes entirely there definitely are some gems in there if you're looking for a new planter or a shelf to store them on. This Industrial Metal Hanging Shelf got added to my wishlist almost instantly and I'm obsessed with it. 

Beci Callow | If you like cute and quirky designs then look no further as Beci Callow is a seller I stumbled across accidentally and I absolutely love how unique everything looks. The Yellow Blobs Planter would fit my aesthetic perfectly, but I think everything would make a cute gift for somebody if you're looking for one. 

The Northern Jungle | I've had The Northern Jungle's plants on my wishlist for some time now as I'm just waiting for an excuse to treat myself to the Satin Pothos and the Prayer Plant. Definitely check this out if you like "leafy" plants! 

Lisa Angel | Lisa Angel offers a wide variety of products including jewellery and homeware including cute trinkets and candle holders that I'm sure will be included in an upcoming post, but we're focusing on planters today as their Terrazzo Print Mini Planter Stand was too adorable not to feature. 

The Boob Pot Company | If you want quirky, yet stylish pots that can be used to house your plants or to be used for storing other items, then The Boob Pot Company will be right up your street. Each piece is individual and of course they are what you think they are - boob shaped pots! 

Ivy and The Wolf Shop | I check this Etsy seller almost everyday to sell what plants they have on offer. There's lots on there including plants I'd never heard of before and they're all great prices, so great if you're looking to expand or start up your collection. The Peperomia Raindrop and Prickly Pear Cactus are two of my favourite picks. 

Habulous Ceramics | I've been a fan of this Etsy shop for some time as I love their mugs, vases and planters that they have on offer. Their Small Face Plant Pot is just so cute - the wooly jumper detail is amazing! 

My Life Handmade | Having only one shop dedicated to macrame plant hangers was a real struggle for me, so don't worry I'll definitely be sharing more of my favourites in another post soon, but My Life Handmade just does some of the best in my opinion. The Macrame Plant Hanging Kit is the perfect option for now as you can assemble it yourself, making it an achievement once it's up too. 

What are your favourite Etsy shops? 

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