Friday 3 April 2020

5 Body Creams You'll Actually Want To Use

Body Creams You'll Actually Want To Use
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I don't know about you, but I always have the best intentions when it comes to moisturising my body, but post-shower, the anticipation of standing around in the cold as it dries makes me want to skip the moisturising part and jump straight into bed. Saying that, I've really been on top of it recently and I'm not sure if it's because I've not got a good excuse to skin the step, but I think it's down to finding a handful of body creams that I genuinely really enjoy and look forward to using. 

For Those On A Budget | When I think of affordable body lotions my mind will always wonder to the Soap and Glory selection. Although I love all of them, I decided to opt for the Smoothie Star Body Butter* to show you. It's got a rich feel to it and the almond scent is very potent, which you'll either love or hate. Soap and Glory is just a major throwback for me as I used to buy the miniatures with my pocket money as a young teen and try and stretch the product out for as long as I could. 

For A Good All Rounder | I've been using the L'occitane Almond Milk Concentrate* a lot recently as it's great when I want to quickly nourish my body and I don't have time to wait for it to soak in. It's a regular in my pamper routine as it smells delicious and is light on the skin, which gives a spa-type feeling. I especially like slathering this all over my body post-bath when I'm shaved and exfoliated, but the best part is that it sinks in super quickly, so you don't have to wait half an hour like with some other products! 

For Extra Hydration | When I want an added boost, I opt for the Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Body Butter* as you can tell that it's got added oil in the formula as although it keeps my body feeling nourished, it takes a lot longer than any of the other offerings in this post to sink in. It can be a little irritating when you want to jump straight into your bed sheets, but if you have a bit of time to pamper yourself then concentrating this body lotion on your knees, elbows and any other dry patches is definitely worth it. 

For When The Sun Comes Out | Although we're along way off, a product that I repurchase every year when the sun comes out is the Nuxe After Sun Lotion*, which although it may sound a little boring, the scent is delicious and it makes your tan fade even in the Summer. 

For Luxe Lovers | Another product that is a long time favourite of mine is the Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Body Souffe which is just as good as it sounds. The scent is dreamy and I love pairing it with the Honey Bath for optimum luxe. It's expensive and it does a good job at nourishing your body too - it just feels gorgeous to use when you're feeling extra AF. 

What are your favourite body creams? 

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