Monday 27 April 2020

Creating A Cosy Fort At Home

Creating A Cosy Fort At Home
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I've got a new obsession - creating forts at home. I've been sharing my efforts on my new Tik Tok page (if you don't follow me, you definitely should!) and I've got a new found obsession and skill for creating cosy spaces that you want to hang out in all day. Although it's pretty self explanatory, I still wanted to share my favourite methods and how to create a den in the comfort of your own home - maybe you can even take it outside!

A sturdy structure is where you need to start and you'll need to find at least one tall pieces of furniture to add height to your fort. I find a clothes horse works best with a couple of pegs and then I drape a bottom sheet or a duvet cover down from it, attaching it to a chair, a lamp and my TV cabinet too. 

Once I've got everything secure, I can do the fun bit which is decorating. I pile in a bunch of cushions, pillows and blankets making sure there's an abundance of cosiness to snuggle up with. I personally find plants super soothing, so I take a stack of books and then put some plants on top to add some colour. 

Then it's onto lighting and I'm lucky to have an electric fireplace that you can turn the faux flames on for without any heat, so it adds such a cosy ambience! It wouldn't be the same if I didn't finish with a couple strings of fairy lights as I love them twinkling especially if you're building a fort in the evening. 

Lastly I add the entertainment in the form of Disney Plus or Netflix, a book and of course some drinks and snacks to delve into. I could easily spend hours underneath there and it makes for a great date night idea if you're looking to spend an evening away from your phones! 


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