Wednesday 22 April 2020

My Favourite Budget Hair Accessories

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I've got a new obsession - hair accessories. They spruce up any outfit, disguise a multitude of sins and can help you play around with new hair styles too. My new found love started when scrunchie scarves were all the rage and I wore them to death, so since then I've got quite the collection, so I thought I'd share my favourites and some new pieces I'm looking to tick off my wishlist. 

Braided headbands were a trend I didn't think I'd jump on as I thought they'd personally look ridiculous on my head, but after picking up one on a whim, I couldn't get over how perfect they look paired with a cute dress or outfit! I've definitely been eyeing up this ASOS Padded Blush Pink offering as I think it'd look great throughout Spring and Summer. They're good for if you've got greasy hair that day or you need to get the front parts of your hair out of your face, as they keep everything back in a chic way. 

Next up is hair clips and if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I've been wearing the ASOS Gold Leaf Set non-stop. I'm obsessed with these as I think they look rather expensive, but they in fact only cost me £8! I pin back one side of my hair with this trio and instantly I look like I've put far more effect into my hair style that I actually have. Pearl hair clips were also super popular last Summer, but I can see them making a come back as they definitely offer something different to an outfit. 

What are your favourite hair accessories? 

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