Friday 19 July 2019

Three Favourite Body Care Brands

Three Favourite Body Care Brands
Three Favourite Body Care Brands
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Of course it goes without saying that I'm a massive makeup fan; I try out many new skincare brands regularly as well, but when it comes to body care I don't tend to speak about them as much. I'm quite faithful to the body care brands that I do use, I tend to repurchase a lot of them and have been using them for years, so today I'm sharing with you my go-to that are worth checking out. 

First up is SBC, the newest brand to me in this line up, but it's made this post because of how amazing each product I've tried is. Just for a disclaimer, I have done multiple sponsored posts with them, but this is in no way paid for, I just love their products so much. The Watermelon Range is one of my favourites as it smells good enough to eat all whilst being hydrating and fitting for Summer. Their ranges always smells delicious and change depending on the season, so it's a brand I come back to time and time again. 

Lush had to be included in this line up as not only are their bath bombs famous amongst many, their lotions and potions deserve the love too. Their In Shower Body Conditioner is a unique product that gets released in all sorts of scents, but essentially it does what it says on the tin and moisturises your body when you're in the bath or shower which is great if you want a healthy dose of hydration in the Winter or you're feeling like skipping post-shower moisturising instead. The Sleepy Body Lotion is my favourite for when I want to relax as the lavender ingredient helps me to drift off, all whilst it's nourishing my skin too. 

Way back when I used to spend all my pocket money in the miniature isle of Boots, it was Soap and Glory that I was obsessed with. Their body butters and scrubs still remain one of my most repurchased products ever and I find their new releases get better every time too. It's a budget, high street brand that deserves all the love that they get as their cute packaging and great formulas like Heel Genius*, Hand Food* and Smoothie Star Body Butter Cream* are three of my favourites. 

What are your favourite body care brands? 

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