Tuesday 23 July 2019

5 Habits I Want To Quit

5 Habits I Want To Quit
After setting my six month goals that I want to achieve before the end of the year, I started to realise there's quite a few habits that I want to quit before 2020. Here are five of those below: 

Touching My Face | Of course I had to share a beauty habit I want to quit first and it was a struggle not to make this whole post about things I want to change when it comes to skincare and makeup. Touching my face is a habit I've picked up over time and I didn't even know how bad it'd got until I started exercising outside and my skin was getting bad from all the dirt I was putting on my face. 

Not Taking A Lunch Break | As someone who works from home 90% of the time, I struggle quite badly with my work/life balance. I work late at least twice a week and Saturday is spent shooting content, so I've been trying to justify taking time off every now and again. Of course I shouldn't need to feel this way, so I'm starting off with taking a lunch break first and then slowly start to work on how long I work for every day. 

Takeaways | We've actually got a lot better at this in the recent month or so, narrowing down our takeaway consumption to one a week if that. Saying this, we both struggle with having little to no motivation when it comes to cooking when we're both feeling like not, so once we have one takeaway or meal out, it's a struggle to stop. I cook 90% all our meals at home from scratch and really enjoy it, so I think it's just about finding quick recipes that can be whipped up in no time. 

Starting The Day Without A Stretch | I've started practising yoga in the morning a lot more as I found that I was feeling a lot tighter and creakier than I used to. It's especially good the morning after I've had a workout, so I'm trying to make it a daily habit. 

Phone Before Bed | I've got out of the habit of reading recently, but I love how much it relaxes me and clears my mind especially before bed. Instead of picking up a book, I've been on my phone for an hour before trying to drift off and I just want to quit this habit ASAP - maybe even putting my phone in another room until the next morning. 

What habits would you like to quit? 

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