Tuesday 17 April 2018

Another ASOS Haul

The other day I was scrolling through ASOS and my finger slipped, making yet another Spring order... In my defence, I've been rebuilding my wardrobe for the warmer weather as I've found a new love for the potential sun, so I've been filling in some bare spots. Today, I'm sharing with you my mini haul. 

I spotted the Noisy May Festival Shorts on the site a couple of weeks ago and I was unsure if they were a little bit too jazzy for me. They've got a stretch waist which is great for comfort, but unfortunately I don't find them all that flattering. The material is a little bit too thin for my liking as I can imagine getting it caught and ripping, but you can't deny that it would be super cool during the Summer. 

I bought the Nobody's Child Heart Print T-Shirt on a whim and I'm so glad I did because it's one of the only white tees I've tried that isn't see-through. I got it in a size up to be a little bit more of a relaxed fit and I always tuck it in and roll up the sleeves to make it more of a flattering look, but I really like it! 

The next good pick of the bunch is the ASOS Twisted Nugget and Hoop Necklace which is a gold double layer which goes with a lot of different of outfits and, after accidentally breaking my other necklace, it's the perfect addition to my wardrobe. 

Lastly is the Parklane Suede Flat Sandals which I'm still unsure on. They look gorgeous on and would go with a variety of Summer outfits, but I'm not sure how much I'd wear them because you have to do the back clasp every time, which- as a slip on girl- doesn't appeal much. You can't deny that for the price they'd be an amazing pair of sandals to have in the wardrobe to go with any outfit though. 
Here are a few of my other items I've been eyeing up for my next orders: 

What are your favourite Spring/Summer wardrobe picks at the moment? 

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