Tuesday 3 April 2018

Pixi Pretties Review

When this Pixi package arrived I was super excited to get in and startt swatching. I've been seeing the Chloe Morello palette everywhere, so was excited to not only own this, but also the whole Pixi Pretties collection; a collaboration with various YouTubers. I've been trying these out for over a week now, so I thought I'd share with you my thoughts and first impressions. 

The stand out products for me is the Dimensional Eye Creator Kit* which contains an eyeshadow consisting of six shades and the dual ended eyeliner, the latter being the star of the show. Seriously, as someone who continuously looses pencil sharpeners, having a screw-up kohl eyeliner on one end is a life saver and having the liquid felt tip liner on the other end is amazing too. Not only are these two convenient, they have great colour pay off and the longevity has impressed me a lot. I'd say that the liquid eyeliner would be perfect for those who know how to do their liner but want it looking cleaner, but probably not so great for beginners as I find the nib could be a little too fiddly. The eyeshadow palette is lovely too, I especially like how all the shades can be worked together to create different looks with ease. 

Next up is another product I was impressed by and that was the Cake Lip Icing* which is described as a liquid lipstick, but it's essentially a non-sticky lipgloss that glides on the lips and can be used both on it's own or paired with a lipstick. I prefer to wear this on it's own as it makes my lips looks so healthy and plump, but it isn't irritating nor does the shimmer inside inadvertently feel like a lip scrub from any grit either - Perfect. 

When I got the parcel I was majorly swooning over the Cafe Con Dulce* as it was unlike anything I've seen before. This palette is full of nine shimmery shades ranging from a champagne through to a neutral pink and a dark brown. I instantly thought how great they'd be as highlighters or eyeshadow shades, and I was right. The formula is hard to  describe as they're powder to cream (which is usually the other way around) and they blend beautifully, but I can't seem to get the shades to work on the lid, so I've been using them a lot of my cheeks, inner corner of my eyes and tops of my cheekbones instead. 

Chloe Morello's palette, Palette Cholette* has an array of eyeshadow duos, three blusher shades and a trio of eyebrow powders too. This palette is a great all rounder that incorporates so many aspects of the face, which is what I like as I can imagine this would be great if you're trying to travel with less, but you still want an array of shades to play with. 

The only palette I really wasn't bothered about and if I'm honest, I've barely touched is the Dulce's Lip Candy*. It's nothing against the palette or even the formulas or shades themselves, but there's something about lip palettes that have always turned me away. I need to get myself stuck into these as upon swatches they felt smooth and nourishing with a great colour pay-off, but I can't seem to get those sticky lip palettes you used to get free from magazines out of my head. 

Have you tried anything from the new Pixi collaborations?

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links. 

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