Monday 9 April 2018

Three Mini Books Reviews

A Court Of Thorns and Roses, The Muse, It Started With A Tweet
As someone who goes through phases with books, from reading once every week to several times a day, getting through a book can either take me a matter of days or a matter of months. I wanted to share with you three mini book reviews of reads I've delved into recently, letting you know if they're worth a read or not. 

First up is The Muse, a book that took me quite a long time to finish as the first half of the book is a tad slow for my liking and didn't hook me in. After finishing the first half, the pace started to pick up and I found myself wanting to see what happens next. I won't ruin it for you, but I found the 'twist' to be fairly predictable and the ending to be quite rushed. Also at times I found myself get quite frustrated with the characters for them to not get their comeuppance. One of the main characters, Odelle, was the only one I truly connected to and cared about, so overall I did struggle, but it was a book I'm glad I read as it was interesting at times, with sad bits too. 

If there's one genre I could read time and time again it's the easy to read, "poolside" books. I tend to finish them in record time and It Started With A Tweet was no different. As someone who works in social media and spends quite a fair bit of my time online, I definitely think this book spoke to me and actually made me realise that I should probably put down my phone every now and again. It was entertaining, the perfect light read and I would recommend it for somebody who just wants something simple and easy to follow yet funny too. 

I've got to admit I've had A Court Of Thorns and Roses just sitting on my to-read pile and I was a little hesitant to get going as I've heard mixed reviews. I would definitely say don't read the back of the books until you've actually read them as they actually give a few too many clues away to take away from the story, but honestly the books exceeded my expectations - I was hooked from the get-go! So much so I've gone straight on to read the next book and I'm fully invested in all of the characters. 

What have you been reading lately? 

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