Thursday 17 August 2017

The Only Eyeliner I've Been Wearing

Eyeliners are one of those products I always have to have in my makeup bag, but when it comes down to replacing them, I never get adventurous and instead stick to the same one. When I first set eyes on the Clarins Graphik Ink Liner* I didn't think I'd like it, let alone do a whole blog post dedicated to it, but it is truly one of the best gems I've found this year.

The felt tip liner has a nib applicator that's slightly fatter than other one's I've used, but it can still create precise lines and a flawless cat eye. On first swatch, I thought that it would bleed into lines too much and not give the pigmented, black finish that I crave. I was totally wrong as it's long lasting and super intense when applied, meaning I get a sharp winged eyeliner every time. This has lasted through rain, exercising and humid weather without transferring onto the upper lid or wearing out on the outer edge of the wing, so it's safe to say that this has extreme lasting power.

Although it's more expensive than other eyeliners I've been using over the past years, I'm not sure if I could go back to them and this offering is now a firm favourite in my makeup bag.

Have you tried this eyeliner yet?

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliates.

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