Monday 14 August 2017

Keeping Your Blog Photography Interesting: Styling and Composition

Back in the new year I did a blog post all about keeping your blog photography interesting with the use of props and backgrounds. Today I thought I would add to this series by sharing my top tips on how switching up composition and styling your photography can keep your blog images alluring. I've spotted a few of these lately from Gemma Louise and The Beauty Sanctuary, so I thought I'd share my top tips and tricks too.

Flatlays vs From The Side | I love a healthy balance between flatlays and blurry background shots ,as I find that it switches up my blog photography a bit more and enables me to experiment more with props. The angle in my main photograph in this blog post isn't from the side nor a flatlay, so it's important to consider different angles and options when wanting to get the perfect shot.

The Product Can Decide How You Style A Photo | If a product has a reflective surface, is transparent or just hard to photograph, I like to avoid doing flatlays as I get too frustrated too quickly. Contrasting the product with a coloured backgroundsor shooting from the side with the product in the foreground and some other products in the background are possible ways to make it stand out.

A Set Up Can Be Used Multiple Times | If you look back through my photographs, you may find a few sets up that are fairly similar to each other and this is done on purpose. When a particular set up works, I like to chop and change products in and snap away, getting a few images to use throughout the month for different blog posts. This is also a time hack as it can easily help to keep you organised and save time too.

Composition Can Change Everything | This is particularly important when styling flatlays as if you're shooting multiple products, I don't find it very helpful to have them all in the centre of the photograph, so instead  I prefer to strategically place them around the image. A fail safe way of mine is to put a blush pink blanket at the bottom, flowers in the corner and use a few products in the centre and some half out of the frame too. Using lids, makeup brushes and other beauty related items can help a flatlay look more natural and well composed.

What are your top tips on styling and composing your blog photographs?


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