Sunday 13 August 2017

Simple Blusher Tips For Beginners

It's only been in the recent years that I've started to wear blusher on a daily basis, as previously I never saw the point in wearing colour on my already flushed cheeks, so instead I wanted to spend my money elsewhere. Recently I've been super smitten with it, so I thought I'd share a lazy girl's guide to it, including some of my own tips.

Cream Products Are More Forgiving | I've got to admit that it's only been this Summer that I've really got into it cream blushers, but the H&M Dusty Rose offering and Glossier Dusk Cloud Paint are two of my favourites. Not only for their dreamy hues, but for how they sit and can be easily applied to the cheeks. If you're a beginner to makeup or you just want a more natural look, then cream products are far more forgiving, especially when blended out using a beauty blender.

Start Small | If you're new to blusher or you've just got that one shade in your collection which you can't bring yourself to wear because you deem it too bright, I'd recommend grabbing a blusher blush, swirling it around, tap off the excess and apply it super lightly to begin with. To avoid too much, you can even apply it to the back of your hand before applying it to the cheeks to make sure you have as little as product on there as possible.

Different Techniques For Different Face Shapes | Of course it goes without saying that makeup is there to be experimented with and therefore you can apply it wherever you please, but I found that since learning where to apply blusher to compliment my own face shape, I've been wearing it much more. Brydie has a great guide to anybody wanting to learn more, but quite simply, I like to avoid the apples of my cheeks as I have a pretty round face.

What Shades Do I Start With? | Once again, I think that Elle will be able to explain it better than I can, but quite simply depending on your skin tone and undertones, different shades will suit you. Of course this is a guide and won't work for everybody, but as someone who is quite pale, I like to steer clear of anything too bright, sticking to neutral pinks.

Some Favourites To Check Out | As I've previously mentioned, the Glossier Dusk Cloud Paint is currently my most worn blusher, I've been wearing it everyday since I got it. The Hourglass Ambient Light Blushers are a long serving favourite of mine, but for a budget option Milani do some amazing picks too.

What are your favourite blushers?

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