Saturday 26 August 2017

Battling The End Of Summer Lull

The Summer is slowly coming to the end; the first of September for me being the marker for the start of Autumn and I've got to admit that I've been in a bit of an end of season lull. Every year when it comes to late August, I get this overwhelming lust for the colder days, crisp leaves and pumpkins of all kinds. I've been feeling under the weather and unmotivated as, although I'm thinking of transitional makeup, I know there's a possibility we will get a second Summer. Here are the ways I'm battling the end of Summer lull when it comes to my blog: 

Embrace Autumn | If you've been following me on Twitter or Instagram, you'll know that I've been away on holiday for a large part of August. I told myself that once I got back and into the swing on things, I would allow myself to slowly incorporate more Autumnal things into my life. From cosy TV shows to blankets, I'm battling the end of season lull with the exiting prospect of a new one. 

Procrastination | Allowing yourself to procrastinate?  That's like music to my ears. Rather than stressing out about how much work I should be doing on my blog, I've decided to take some time to complete the tasks I've had no time for, like sharing my photographs on Pinterest, adding a wishlist page and planning posts. It's okay to not always being on the go; planning for the months ahead can get you excited for Autumn too. 

Use It To Your Advantage | Although I feel like I'm a little bit too late for Summer travel posts and a little bit too early for Autumn makeup round ups,  I am taking this time between seasons to write all the posts I usually put off for seasonal ones. From skincare collections to more lifestyle chats, it's easy to use the lull to your advantage when it comes to your blog. 

How do you battle the end of Summer lull? 

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