Saturday 20 May 2017

Styling Simple, Yet Enticing Blog Photographs

Although I've been blogging for two and half years now, it's only been since the new year that I've really started to like and take pride in my photographs. I've shared many blog photography tips on my blog, but I wanted to go into a little more detail about how I create simple photographs that can be used to build your own stock images to use on when you're stuck for inspiration. 

Start Small | The easiest photographs to take are the ones that only require two or three elements. Although simple, there's nothing quite as aesthetically pleasing as a coffee shot from birds eye view either with a blanket underneath or holding it between your hands. These images are perfect for Sunday Instagram's or when you're looking for a photograph for a lifestyle post. 
Likewise, a makeup flatlay that has complimentary colours and the perfect amount of props. 

Beauty Stock Photographs are Doable | When it comes to creating your own stock images, I've got to admit that styling beauty ones are the most difficult. When you have an idea for a blog post in your head, the products go along with it, but when you're creating an image purely for aesthetic reasons, it can be difficult to know which products you should feature. I'm going to be honest here and say I usually opt for the most pretty, reaching for golds, brass and complimentary pinks to work together perfectly. These images are great to have just in case you want to write a post on your favourite beauty tips or a makeup wishlist. 

Using laid down flowers or placing them in the corner to create a blurred effect is a great way to add colour and depth to a simple flatlay. I find the more products you add, the harder it is for the photograph to not look sporadic, so if you're a beginner in beauty focused stock photos, start with two or three products and work up. Lay them down on a blanket or coloured card if the natural lighting isn't in your favour, or place upright with a mirror behind them for a simple, yet arty shot. 

The Corners Are Key | I'm actually really envious of those people who can just pile products in the middle of a flatlay and make it look good, but for me, I like to add either my MacBook, a cute dainty dish or a textured blanket to a corner, just to add a little something to the photograph. Glasses, eyelash curlers, ribbon or a makeup bag work well too just to frame the image more if you have a problem setting your photograph up the way you like. 

Books, Flowers and Candles | These three are probably my most regularly featured props when styling a simple image. For books, I like to either stack them up to show their spines or  opened up to show their contents either on it's own, along the edge of an image or paired with a candle. Flowers are a great addition to a photograph as they can easily add colour, whether they're on their own, used to create a dreamy blurred background or spread out besides beauty products. 

What are your favourite blog photography tips for styling simple images?

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