Friday 26 May 2017

Embracing Summer When You're An Autumn Lover

As we slowly transition into the Summer months, every year I start to feel bad for not liking the season as much as everyone else does. The warmer weather, coral makeup hues and the ability to wear less layers are all perks of Summer, but I- like a few others- forever long for the colder days, cosy nights in and all the events that take place during the Autumn. One of my main goals for the last nine months or so has been to embrace every event and every season, so today I am sharing with you the top ways I like to make the most of Summer. 

Pretending It's Autumn | It's inevitable that throughout Summer there will be sporadic rainfalls and gloomy, stormy days. As soon as these days come about, I like to spend a little time outside, feeling the rain of my face and splashing around in the puddles. I also allow myself to watch re-runs of the Halloween and Christmas specials of my favourite TV shows, snuggled up under a duvet after a bubble-filled bath. Embracing the slightly Autumnal weather, spending a little time on myself and finishing the day with a warm meal filled to the brim with vegetables is one of my favourite ways to get over the Summer blues. 

Likewise, I've actually came across several woods that still have pine cones on the floor, which instantly made me feel like I could embrace Summer a little bit more as its a little reminder to myself that Autumn isn't that far away. 

Start Small | This is the first Summer since moving out that I'll have a garden again and I'm fully determined to make the most of it. One of the biggest dilemmas of mine during the hotter weather is that I don't want to waste it being indoors, but I know that the local shops or garden centre's will be packed. Having a local park or having your own garden is a great way to get outside, not move for pretty much the whole day and get a lot of picnicking done. 

Having Events On Your Calendar | For me, I love having things on my calendar to look forward to. I'm lucky as I'm going away several times this Summer, but it doesn't have to be anything big to make it special. I've got a trip to an outdoor cinema planned, as well as  planning to spend a whole day reading, watching the sun go down on top of a hill and spending the day exploring my nearby towns whilst eating some yummy pub food outside. 

What are your favourite ways to embrace Summer? 

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