Sunday 7 May 2017

5 Ways To Relax This Sunday

Despite Summer being just around the corner, the days are still rather chilly and the sun hasn't made an appearance in a while. I find this sort of weather perfect for snuggling under a duvet, binge watching my favourite TV show and delving into a book on a Sunday. 

Get Outside | On a Sunday, I never want to tackle the shops or the hustle and bustle of crowds, so I like to take myself outside for a long walk or bike ride to get fresh air. This is easier in the warmer months and I love taking my camera out for a spin around our local gardens and lavender fields. 

Bake Yourself Some Treats | I've always found baking to be one of my favourite ways to relax, and getting to eat them after makes it even better. Lemon drizzle cake is a Summertime must have of mine, but I've been loving baking some raspberry oat bars too - Perfect for an easy breakfast (recipe coming soon!). 

Re-Create A Cosy Autumnal Day In | Although I enjoy the warmer weather with the fresh Spring blooms and the ability to wear less layers when leaving the house, I am an Autumnal girl through and through. Whilst bundling yourself under a duvet may not be the best when it's mild outside, open the windows, snuggling under blankets, lighting candles and watching Harry Potter is the perfect way to recreate an Autumnal day in. 

Take Up A Hobby | Whether it's colouring in, cross stitch or drawing, Sunday's are the best time to take up a new hobby. I often have several hours free in the afternoon whilst dinner is on the go, so I like to spend this time to myself away from my phone and laptop. 

Have A Bath | Now, I'm not talking about just a bath with a few bubbles, I'm talking about a candle lit bath with a book, bubbles up to your ears and adding a bath bomb  for good measure too! After going away last weekend and spending an excessive time in the huge hotel tub, I've decided I want to recreate the experience at home and spend a little bit more time preening myself in the bath. 

What ways do you like to relax on a Sunday?

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