Wednesday 15 March 2017

Transitional Skincare Which Works Wonders

I tweeted about my skin playing havoc during the transitional period between Winter and Spring and I was surprised with how many people empathised with me. My skin is currently having a flare up and I'm struggling to treat my dehydrated complexion with my normal skincare routine. I've gone makeup-free for a bit now, and after trying this concoction of products, it's safe to say they that have worked wonders. 

I've been keeping my cleansers to a minimum as I've not been wearing any makeup, instead only using the Garnier PureActive Sensitive Tonic* and face wash* to remove any dirt from my face without drying my skin out further. I've kept it simple because my skin doesn't react well with the constant changing of products and I've really noticed the difference in trying to get my skin back to tip top condition. 

Oils are a daily must have for me and if you've got a dehydrated complexion like myself then you'll understand the excitement when you find a new love. The Caudalie VineActiv Overnight Detox Oil* is perfect if you like an intensive treatment that almost works as a lightweight mask for your skin, promoting radiance and nourishing all in one go. This is 100% natural, which is something my skin really reacts well to, especially when it's having on of it's sensitive moments. 

The Aesop Fabulous Facial Oil has made a huge difference to my complexion this month as it's my top pick whenever I'm suffering with painful breakouts; it just seems to treat them perfectly and reduce the redness over a couple of hours. This oil works exceptionally with the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream, a favourite of mine for some time now. It's really light weight and when applied to the skin it sinks in quickly, hydrating any dry patches as it goes. 

Aside from the oil, the Caudalie VineActiv Eye Cream* was a stand out product from this range. Although it takes a while for the real benefits of eye cream to be visible, I'm always open to any product that can help to banish my dehydrated under eye bags for a fresh look. 

What are your favourite skincare picks at the moment?


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