Thursday 23 March 2017

Creating Blog Ideas Without Spending A Penny

Whenever I am in a blogging rut, I always go to spend some money on new releases or products that have been on my wish list. Although this usually works a treat to help me feel inspired once again, it isn't a habit that I like to do often. I have several techniques that help me generate blog ideas that I've previously written about here, but today I thought I'd share with you some tricks that I like to use when I don't want to spend a penny. 

Look At What You've Got | Whether you've got 10 products or 100, there are always different ways to look at your collection and generate new blog post ideas. Even if you've got unused products at the back of your storage or makeup that you don't like, those are ideas for posts in themselves. My favourite way to do this is by sharing seasonal makeup looks or lipsticks of the same shades. 

This doesn't have to just apply to makeup, featuring the blogs, books and programme's you've been loving are great ways to not spend a penny. Often books are left on the shelf once you've read them, go back and feature "The Books I Loved When I Was A Child" or "Books I Want To Re-Read: Spring Edition". 

Go Outside | If you've got a blog that is solely about beauty, this one might not be for you, but I find there's a lot of content to be found just by heading out your front door. Cherry blossoms, fresh blooms or just photographing day-to-day life are all ways to get photographs and from there you can do posts such as monthly to-do lists or personal rambles. 

Although I said going outside can get you content, staying inside can too. Why not share a bedroom tour? 

Revisit Old Posts | When I want to generate new ideas, I actually find looking at the old posts give me the most inspiration. Whether it's updating your everyday makeup or using the products in older posts to remind you which products you need to dig out; this is a great way to create blog post ideas without spending a penny. 

Here are a list of blog post ideas that you can use:

- Everyday Makeup 
- A Seasonal Wishlist 
- Bloggers That Inspire You 
- Monthly Goals 
- Morning/Evening Skincare Routine 
- A Pampering Ritual 
- What To Do At The Weekend 
- Favourite Books + Hobbies 
- A Day In Photographs 
- Easy To Wear Makeup 
- Daily Lipsticks 
- Favourite Programmes To Watch On Netflix 
- Pink Blushers For Spring 
- How I Edit My Photographs 

How do you create blog content when you're on a spending ban? 

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