Monday 13 March 2017

Choosing The Right Blusher For You

Hourglass Strobe Lighting Blusher, NYX ombre blush, milani rose blusher
Of course it goes without saying that makeup is all about experimenting, wearing products that makes you feel great and using the shades that you want to. However, I know a few people would be interested in what makes the perfect blusher and how to choose one that's right with you. 

Consider Your Skin Type | Although I've got dehydrated, lacklustre skin and I'm meant to be fond of a cream blush formula, I can never get on board with them. Don't get me wrong, I like one or two, but I do need to find more cream offerings that don't cling too much to my dry patches. When buying a powder blush, which would be more suited to those with oily skin, I like to consider what finish it has. When I had oily skin I was more keen on matte as it didn't emphasise on my already oily cheeks, however as I've grown up and my skin has become more dry, I have become more drawn to satin and shimmer finishes as it looks more natural on my complexion. 

What Are Your Undertones? | In general, I pay a lot of attention to the undertones in my skin; whether it's finding the right foundation to match or just giving you some inspiration as to what blusher would suit the most. I found this really helpful when determining what shades would look best on my skin tone and the post is great at suggesting how your undertone can affect the what shade your cheeks will go when you blush. 

Matte or Shimmer | As I previously touched upon, my taste in blushers have changed over the years, however I do enjoy having a broad range of colours, formulas and finishes as they change with my mood. I wouldn't say that oily skin must always go for matte or those with dry skin must find a shimmer as I find it's what I'm most drawn to and it tends to be all about finding a balance. Matte is my preferred finish when paired with other long lasting makeup products, but satin and shimmer finish are great for when I want dewy skin or when I need an extra boost to my complexion.

My Top Picks | I thought I would share with you my top blusher picks as I've built up quite the collection. The new Hourglass Strobe Lighting Palette has been a great addition to my makeup bag as all the shades perk up my skin and adds a natural flush of colour to the cheeks. The NYX Ombre Blush has been mentioned many times on my blog, so of course it had to be mentioned in this line up, but it's actually the Becca Pamplemousse Split Pan that I've been reaching for the most. 

What are your favourite blushers? 

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