Friday 10 March 2017

Blogging Tips That Can Be Applied Instantly

I know that these sort of posts have a reputation of being preachy and annoying, but I've found some amazing tips during the time I have been blogging and I thought it would be useful if I shared with you some of my top tricks to improve your blog instantly. Obviously blogging is all about enjoying yourself, but there are a few techniques that can be used to help save time or just make your blog that little bit better. 

Adding A Search Bar + Making Sure Your Links Work | This may seem like a super simple one and more of a reminder than a tip, but you'd be surprised how many blogs I go onto and their social media links don't work. I try and do this monthly just to check that nothing has gone wrong with my HTML and that everything is  easy to navigate around my blog. A search bar is perfect for doing this as you can instantly find a blog post you were looking for with just one or two key words. 

Regular checks of your blog will never do you any harm. Checking how fast your photographs upload, making sure that there isn't an overlap over your content if you use ads and just generally making sure that everything is running smoothly is just something that now comes naturally. 

Pinterest Can Be Your Best Friend | I feel like I need to do a whole post on Pinterest because I managed to go from 100,000 viewers a month to 600,000 in just 4 weeks - Which is a great achievement for somebody who had never really understood Pinterest until recently. Alongside making sure you've added a "pin it" button to your photographs, which is an amazing instant addition that will no doubt get your photographs attention, it's important to use it yourself too. Every morning, I make sure that I've pinned the images from my blog posts onto Pinterest and since then, I get a lot more traffic - Bonus! 

Another action that you can update instantly is the descriptions on your Pinterest boards, Thirteen Thoughts has a great post on it, but put simply, it's where you can describe what that particular board is all about. It can be hard to get into the swing of it in the beginning, but once you've done it, you don't have to worry about it anymore - I need to take my own advice on this one! 

Photograph and Content Width | I got this tip from Mandy's blog post and I knew I had to include it here too. I'm not sure how it works on Wordpress or Squarespace, but on Blogger you can easily make your images the same width throughout by clicking on the photographs and choosing between the varying sizes. I personally always opt for "original size" because it fills the page and makes sure that it is in line with the text. I do this for every photograph because one of the first things I notice in a blog is when images are all different sizes as it becomes very distracting. 

Similarly, I like to make sure that I'm writing in the same front and size throughout as personally, consistency is one of the main things I look for in a blog.

Have you got any simple blog tips you'd like to share? 

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