Wednesday 29 March 2017

A Lush Spring Haul

Although Lush bath bombs and bubbles are associated with the colder months and rainy days, I can never resist any of their new releases and I today I am giving you the lowdown on my top Spring picks that will have you pampered and preened in no time. 

Although I wasn't too impressed with the Easter range due to the lack of Fluffy Egg, I knew I wanted to pick up a few pieces anyway. The Golden Egg was the first in my basket as this chocolate toffee scented offering entices you into the gold filled bath and leaves your body feeling nourished. It smells absolutely divine and I will no doubt be going through a lot of these before Easter is over. It goes without saying that if you're not a fan of glitter, then you won't be a fan of this, but for me it's the perfect Spring treat. 

I was actually surprisingly drawn to Ups-A-Daisy, a floral fragranced bath bomb that smells incredibly dreamy and right up my street! This is slow releasing and creates a soft, almost fluffy layer on the water which is coloured like the morning sunrise. This is one of my favourites as it's much bigger than I imagined, smells of roses and is a great pick me up if I'm having a slow morning on the weekend. 

I've got to admit that I bought the Grass Bubble Bar as it reminds me of the fresh, green grass in the Springtime with dainty white flowers and it certainly didn't disappoint. With added bergamot and neroli oil, this lifts the mood, just like the website says and is a perfect pick for the warmer months. It's much stronger than I anticipated and I'd almost go as far as saying it's the product that gives off the most fragrance as it really lingers in your bathroom just by having it out in a basket. 

The Bunch of Carrots have quickly become one of my long-time favourites. These reusable bubble bars easily crumble into your bath and are great at creating refreshing bubbles that you just want to dive into. I find these great if you find a bath bomb too overpowering when the weather starts to get warmer and you just want to bathe in a light scent. 

I always like to have one or two Lush shower gels stored in my collection and the Comforter offering is one of, if not my all time, favourite. The berry scent is uplifting, lathers up nicely and it lingers on the skin for hours on end. It's a staple in my shower during the hotter months as it never fails to fill the air with it's fragrance and refresh my body.  

Have you picked anything up from Lush recently? 

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