Monday 2 January 2017

Sprucing Up Your Home

With the Christmas decorations packed away, my house can often feel empty and bare at times. During January I often get a sudden urge to clean, sort out and spruce up my home ready for the year ahead. Today I am sharing my top tops on refreshing any space this Winter, from embracing old furniture to adding colour. 

Add Plants | I say this all the time, but adding greenery to your home is the perfect way to refresh your space and add some colour. Ikea is my go-to place to purchase some new plants, I would personally recommend Hedera Helix if falling plants tickle your fancy or miniature palm trees are great if you want to add a tropical feel to your home. 

Get Your DIY on | January is usually the month where you're often counting pennies, so doing DIY is the perfect way to reuse old items and rearranging is great if you're not keen on turning your hand to craft. Empty candles such as Diptyque are amazing for storing bathroom essentials and stacking books are a great base for statement ornaments too. Whenever I buy a new homeware piece I always like to picture where it will go in several places in my house to ensure that I can keep rearranging it if needs be. 

Pick A Scent | The first thing that changes every season is the type of candles I have out and the scents I want around the house. In the Spring and Summer I usually opt for lighter, flowery scents, whilst in the Autumn and Winter I like to fill my home with the smell of apples and trees like the Bath and Body Works Autumn. 

Declutter | I've recently spent the afternoon decluttering my house from top to bottom, putting or giving away pieces that I no longer want and genuinely just adopting a more minimalistic approach. Just like recycling and rearranging, sprucing up your interior can simply be getting rid of things you no longer use and making space for new pieces instead. This Winter I want to get my Hygge on, making sure I have room for a basket full of cosy blankets and have luxe candles scattered around my home. 

Simple Additions | Rather than switching up my furniture and spending a fortune, I have turned to purchasing some new cushions, some brass ornaments and a new print or two to spruce up any area. I'm lucky as my living room has half a brick wall which adds colour and texture, but I struggle with my bedroom as it's mainly plain white. Balancing a long length mirror on a corner of the wall and greenery is the perfect way to fill blank space. 

Here are my top pieces that I'm currently smitten with or am lusting after: 

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