Thursday 26 January 2017

Easy Pink Lipsticks To Wear Daily

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I have made it my mission to bring out the pink lipsticks, both vibrant and subtle. Everyday lipstick hues are something I've been collecting for some time now, so inspired by Jodie's blog post, I thought I would share with you my top easy to use pink picks. 

A new addition to my collection is the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick; a recent release that matches the infamous Pillow Talk lip liner. Although this offering is teetering more on a nude hue, it still resembles a natural lip colour. It's super comfortable to wear and the matte formula makes it a more grown-up looking pink. 

When swatched, the L'Oreal Eva's Nude lipstick appears coral. The name obviously suggests its a nude, but on the lips it's the prettiest blush pink. It's suits my complexion and I have been reaching for it on a daily basis recently, especially when I'm pairing it with a pink high neck jumper. Although it's not the most long lasting lipstick I've ever used, it's super easy to re-apply throughout the day. 

I recently dug out the YSL Nude In Private; a pink offering with a super creamy formula, a delicious watermelon scent and the power to keep my lips hydrated for hours. The finish is a gloss-balm hybrid and it's the perfect everyday nude. 

Although I like lipsticks to last throughout the day, I tend to reach for more moisturising ones rather than matte liquid lipsticks, especially if I'm just popping out. The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments -especially the shade Petal- are perfect if you want to add a little colour to your lips whilst keeping them soft, something that I find harder to do in these chillier months. 

What lipsticks do you wear on a daily basis? 

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