Monday 16 January 2017

10 Self-Care Activities To Do This Season

I'm still trying to catch up on work since having time off over the Christmas period, so after a hectic couple of weeks, I took this weekend off to relax and unwind. I have a self-care routine that I love to do whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed and after seeing posts like these floating around, I thought I would share with you my top 10 self-care activities to do. 

Stick On Your Favourite TV Box Set or Film Series | For me, I like to stick on a my favourite comedy series for a few hours tucked up on the sofa or watch Harry Potter for the 100th in front of the fire with a mug of hot chocolate. 

Bake or Cook Your Favourite Food | I have many comfort food favourites that pick me up after a hard day, in fact I sometimes schedule them in throughout the week if I know i'm going to have a long day at work. Toad in the hole is one of my childhood favourites and pizza never fails either!

Dance Around or Play A Game | I've got several playlists on Spotify that are made for when I need a dance around including a Frankie and Benny's one. If you're not a dance enthusiast then playing a game with your family is another way that will no doubt put a smile on your face. 

Read A Book Before Bed | Whenever I need to take some time out, I like to go to bed early and delve into a book. It's a great way to lose yourself for a few hours and finishing a book is incredibly satisfying as well. 

A Candle Lit Bath | I've got into a bit of ritual with this lately. Having my Diptyque candles scattered around my bath, pop in my favourite Lush bath bomb and then hop in with a book for half an hour. 

Feel The Cold Breeze On Your Face | Whether it's walking to shop or walking for a couple of hours around my local woods, feeling the cold freeze on my face is one of the best feelings. I actually like getting in from the cold, wrapping up in front of the fire and putting on my slippers to keep my feet toasty. 

Turn Off Your Phone | I couldn't recommend getting away from social media or turning your phone off enough especially if you're feeling overwhelmed. Any of these activities in this list can be great excuses to not stare at the screen. 

A Fresh Set Of Pyjamas | During the Winter, I'm always drawn to the nightwear section of the ASOS site and I have been eyeing up a few picks recently like this Avocado Set. Whether you like them fresh and crisp or warmed up via the radiator, a new set of pyjamas can be a great pick me up. 

Buy Yourself Some Flowers | Don't get wrong, nothing will be better than buying peonies during the Summertime, but there are still gorgeous flowers that you can be at the supermarket to add colour to your home and generally just brighten the place up. 

What are your favourite self care activities? 

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