Saturday 7 January 2017

Keeping Cosy This Winter

This time of year I always scrabble to get in to cosy loungewear at the first chance I get; there's nothing I love more than relaxing with a book, wrapped up in a thick blanket. Although December is technically Winter, I feel like it gets extra cold during January and February, so today I thought I would share with you how to keep cosy this season. 

Jumpers are an essential this time of the year, especially when you need to keep cosy and warm day-to-day. I recently picked up the ASOS Blush Pink High Neck Jumper and I'm absolutely smitten with this sort of knit. Ever since I have been lusting after a variety of dreamy knits such as this Warehouse Embroidered and Marks and Spencer Flute Sleeve offering. 

Keeping cosy in the Winter doesn't have to be just about jumpers and blankets as I find a luxe candle usually settles me for the evening and, if all else fails, then a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows will be sure to do the trick. The Diptyque Vanilla Candle is a new house addition for me, but one that has amazing throw, scenting your whole room in no time. 

At this time of year I spend a lot of time in my PJ's and as I work from home it can be tempting to stay in them on a cold morning - Sometimes I do treat myself though! ASOS are my go-to place to shop when I need a pair and the tee and legging sets are my absolute favourite. This ASOS Rainbow Set is so lovely and will be great when we transition into Spring too. 

Up until recently I was slipperless and in a cottage which is constantly cold, it was a tough struggle. Luckily I picked up a pair of New Look Bunny Slippers in the sale as they were too cute to leave and right up my street, however I have my eye on several other pairs now too. 

A new addition to my array of blankets is the Urban Outfitters Pom Pom Throw, a dreamy offering that keeps me snug whilst fulfilling my blush pink needs (plus it's makes the perfect blog prop!) Cosiness begins with the home for me and as I'm fully embracing Hygge post-Christmas I have been on the hunt for some new interior additions such as this Urban Outfitters Velvet Cushion.

How do you keep cosy this Winter? 

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