Sunday 29 January 2017

How To Generate Ideas For Your Blog

Although I'm a firm believer that some of the best blog post ideas come to you when you're least expecting it, I do use a few techniques to help the ideas flow, so I thought I would share with you them today. The majority are based around creating posts for beauty blogs, but they can be adapted for any genre. 

The Spider Diagram | This is a method that I have been using for many months now and I find it the most effective. I simply pick three or more products and then write multiple ideas relating to that product. I personally love picking a makeup item, a skincare pick and then a calendar or diary to ensure that I get a wide variety of ideas.  For instance, if I chose the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation I could then relate it to everyday makeup, five foundation favourites and a brand/product focus post too. Similarly, The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer could be used in a dewy edit, makeup to mask lacklustre skin and a ten products under £20. This is a great technique when you want to create complex ideas as it really gets your brain working and it works perfectly for lifestyle posts as well. 

Add On To The Basic Ideas | At some point I bet you've seen a what's in my bag or top high street products post and this technique is super simple, but can be a great way to differentiate between some of the classic ideas. It's basically a method where you add a simple word to make a post seasonal or numerical such as a March makeup bag or ten ways to stay motivated this Winter. 

Scrolling Through The Internet | Whether it's looking at pictures on Pinterest or scouring the beauty page on Bloglovin, you can get out of the rut quite quickly by inspiring yourself with other blogs. I actually find it inspires me to look at blog posts I've previously worked on and seeing if I can update these in any way. I particularly like doing this with monthly posts such as to-do lists or seasonal makeup. 

The Three Word Method | As the table below suggests, I often use this to create blog post ideas when I'm in a rut. I simply pick a starting word from the first column, follow it up with one from the second and finish it off with one from the last column. For example easy Summer lipsticks, a high street favourite and pink Lush favourites are three that I have simply made up in seconds. This I created table is great for beauty blog posts, but I've also created a table for lifestyle and interior posts too to ensure that my ideas keep flowing. 

How do you generate ideas for your blog? 

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