Tuesday 24 January 2017

Keeping Your Blog Photography Interesting: Backgrounds and Props

Recently I've been stuck in a rut with my blog photography and if I don't like the images I've taken, the post never tends to get written either. During the Winter it can be easy to get caught up in feeling uninspired when it comes to photography due to the dull, dark days and the shorter daylight hours in which you can get a decent photograph. I thought I would share with you my top tips on using backgrounds and props to spruce up your blog photography. 

Backgrounds | Pinterest is 100% the place I head to whenever I need to spruce up my blog. Everyone's images are always stunning and they help inspire me when I am in need of some new blog backgrounds. I don't stick to a theme, although I do go through phases of what I do and don't like. For me, darker backgrounds like marble are perfect for low light days, whereas textured blankets or coloured card is great if you struggle to photograph when there's blue skies outside like myself. 

Some backgrounds that you can use in your blog photography:

- Marble adhesive which can be found in Wilkinsons. 
- Textures in the form of blankets, throws and rugs. This Urban Outfitters Pom Pom offering is my absolute favourite - It's in the sale too! 
- A sheet of coloured card or paper. I think a pink or yellow background would look gorgeous for contrasting certain products again it.
- Place products on top of a mirror for a very arty shot.
- Use prints as a background. If they're any other colour than white they can be a great fall back if the lighting isn't great.
- Use clothes. I have a rose gold top that I'm currently smitten with.
- DIY Wooden Board (Like this one that I found on Pinterest) 

Props | Whenever I'm in a rut with my blog photography I always go on a hunt for some new props to help motivate me and refresh my ideas. Pink is a common trend at the moment and I can't say I'm disappointed, as I love anything rose gold hued or that will no doubt make my images appear prettier. Flowers are currently my favourite and I tend to pick up a bunch that has a range of colours so that I can use them time and time again. Whether it's having them out of focus in the background of a dreamy photograph, or scattering the petals around a flatlay, there are a variety of ways a cheap bunch of flowers can be used multiple times. 

Here are some blog props ideas that I love to use: 

- These Paperchase Copper Bells make a regular appearance in my photographs. 
- Calendars, notepads and diaries.  
- Flowers and cacti.
- Clothing; whether it's a patterned scarf or a monochrome skirt.
- Books, your laptop or phone. 
- Bracelets, bobby pins and nail polish. 
- Tissue paper (I particularly like this when snapping hard to photograph products like a Lush bath bomb or perfume bottle)

How do you keep your blog photography interesting? 

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