Thursday 22 December 2016

How To Drift Off Quicker This Winter

I always struggle to fall asleep at this time of year, I'm sure it's due to the excitement (or stress!). I've got a few new ways to help me drift off easier, so I thought I'd share with you my top tips today. 

A new addition to my routine has been the Lush Sleepy Body Lotionwhich I tend to apply on my wrists and chest before I hop into bed so that I reap the benefits whilst the lavender helps me to drift off. Unfortunately Sleepy is only available around Christmas (We need to start a petition to get it permanently!), but I have found several alternatives for when my stock runs out - The Neal's Yard Lavender Body Lotion looks great. 

I've actually done a complete post about 5 ways to sleep better, but to summarise I like to create a similar routine that I perform each night, like doing my nighttime skincare routine before applying all my lotions and potions and then reading at least a chapter of my book each night. The biggest different to my routine has been banning my phone for up to half an hour before I go to sleep to help me dream better. Talking of dreams, I've got this new book called Dreamopedia which is super interesting if you like to know the simple meanings of your dreams when you wake up! 

Another must have of mine is the This Works Deep Sleep Spray, a miracle worker in my eyes that helps me settle down when I'm feeling anxious or stressed. I simply spritz this a few times whilst I start reading my book and it helps my brain know that it's nearly time to catch a few winks. 

How do you sleep better during the festive season? 

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