Saturday 3 December 2016

A Bedtime Favourite

I've previously spoken about my routine for when I need to drift off to sleep quick, so the new Lush Sleepy Body Lotion has been a much welcomed addition. When paired with the This Works Deep Sleep Spray, I can catch a few winks quicker and it helps me to sleep for longer too. 

This lavender infused pick is calming and once it is slathered onto the skin, I like to snuggle down with a fresh pair of PJ's, a hot chocolate and a book to read whilst it soothes me. Aside from it's sleep inducing properties, I find this lotion is extremely nourishing and softening, making the skin feel noticeably different when it comes to hydration. It's fast absorbing, which means I can apply it just before I go to sleep if I need to without it leaving a greasy residue, plus the scent lingers on my skin until the morning. 

Although this product has quickly become a favourite of mine, it's only available throughout Christmas, so I would recommend rushing down and treating yourself to a tub or two before they're sold out. 

Have you tried the Lush Sleep Body Lotion? 

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