Friday 9 December 2016

Growing Your Hair Long and Strong

I've struggled with growing my hair for as long as I can remember because of my curly and extremely damaged hair from years of dying. At times it felt like I would never have locks that fell over my shoulders. That was until I followed a few simple steps and my hair has never felt softer and healthier. 

Supplements | Biotin was the first method I tried as I wanted to give it a big boost before I started to properly incorporate different methods in to my routine. Biotin actually helped me start to regrow the hair I lost from wearing clip-in hair extensions and after taking them for a month I noticed a huge difference in the quality of my hair. I know not everyone will be a fan of taking supplements, so I have devised a few other techniques to try. 

Oil Is Your Friend | I'm lucky as I've never had oily hair, in fact I can go five days without needing to reach for the shampoo, but recently I have made the most of this and kept my hair up for as long as I possibly could. 

My Own Take On The Inversion Method | If you're unsure what the inversion method is then it's basically applying warm oil to your scalp and then massaging it for five minutes with your head upside down before washing it out. Although I've tried this several times, I'm not a massive fan of washing my hair often and getting oil in my hair that won't come out, so I adapted this method to suit me. Firstly, I don't use oil unless I'm near needing a shampoo and when I don't want to use my fingers to massage, I always reach for the Genie Head Massager to do all the hard work for me - plus it makes me feel super sleepy! This stimulates hair growth at the roots which results in softer locks and helps with my sparse hairs at the front of my head. 

Hair Masks | I don't know where I'd be without a hair mask or two as I rely on these to keep my ends hydrated. As someone who used to skimp on the conditioner, I know the importance of giving my locks some extra TLC in order to prevent split ends and promote glossy looking hair. My favourites have got to be the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment*, Sachajuan Hair Repair and Davines Nounou Mask*

Care For Your Hair | One of my biggest top tips is caring for your hair and treating it as if it's made out of silk. I try my best to not brush it vigorously or catch it in any fastenings, which could cause breakages. Although it's very easy to skip the scissors, I've actually found getting a trim every few months helps with the overall condition and length of my locks. I personally prefer to chop my own hair as I know what I'm getting, but there are many hairdressers out there that can offer you a decent trim too. 

What are your methods to growing your hair long and strong? 

*Pr Sample/Gifted 

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