Monday 12 December 2016

Creating Dreamy Photographs For Your Blog

When it comes to blogging, for me, photography is one of the biggest frustrations, yet is the most rewarding aspects when done right. Although there's no such thing as a perfect picture, I've been requested to continue with my photography series, so today's addition is going to be about how to create a dreamy looking image. 

Depth Of Field | This is the most important aspect of dreamy photography if you're after that gorgeous, blurry background from a DSLR camera. If I was to put it simply, the smaller the f-stop is, the blurrier your background will be and vice versa. I tend to take my photographs using a f2.8 when I want a sharp foreground, yet a dreamy backdrop, but this changes depending on the lighting and shutter speed I use. If you're more of a lifestyle blogger, then I would recommend playing around with 'bokeh' too; a more advanced technique which can create lots of soft orbs of light and will help you help you achieve easy photographs to use. This website is great for reference and for learning more about the art of depth of field for a DSLR. 

Lighting | Personally I love an cloudy, yet bright day to take photographs as the white skies act as a soft box and you get a gorgeous, easy to edit image at the end of it all. Saying this, I have been experimenting with taking photographs as the sun sets or when the light peeks through the blinds in the early morning - Zoe New Love and Barely There Beauty have beautiful examples of both of these, so I would definitely recommend checking them out. If you're looking to create dreamy landscape images, then going out during the misty mornings or golden hour is a great way to capture gorgeous shots - However, make sure you know what you want to shoot first (ie. crisp leaves or a field of blooming flowers) to optimise your time. 

The Angle | As a massive flatlay fiend, I will always be drawn there, but it is sometimes hard to nail the right composition so I've got a fool-proof place to take dreamy alternatives. Shooting from the side makes sure that you don't have to battle too much with the varying focus points or shadows, plus it makes it super easy to shoot in bulk once you've got the perfect set up. If you are looking to create a dreamy flatlay then you really can't beat flowers as a prop as they fill out any negative corners, but books, mirrors and greenery make great props too.

Fill The Space | As I previously mentioned, props are a huge part of my blog photography and my brain is always thinking about what I can use next. I've started incorporating mirrors into my photographs as I find the reflections give the illusion of a fuller image, whilst still enabling me to use a blurry background. Fairy lights, cups of tea and using your own laptop as part of an image are great ways to fill out an image and really get the zoom on your product too. Although I love the "my makeup bag just fell like this" look, I do like keeping it simple and filling the area with a white, blank space to make sure the product is the main focal point. 

Backgrounds + Colours | When creating a swoon-worthy image, it is important to think of the complimenting colours and dreamy backgrounds that can be used to accommodate the product(s) you are showing. For me, I can't get enough of pink and marble backgrounds at the moment; however clothing, rugs and blankets are  great way to create easily styled images that can be taken with only limited light as it doesn't matter if there are varying shadows being cast. It's good to keep in mind that you want the product you're focusing on to contrast well with the background, for example a white product won't particularly stand out with a plain, white background, so instead opt for a coloured notepad, copper homeware or a textured throw to put behind it. These Paperchase Copper Bells are also the perfect addition to a photograph, however golden rings and eyelash curlers are great too! 

From Roses (who has the ultimate dreamy stock image shop), New Darlings, Gemma Louise, Friday Faye, Amy Rebair and Jodie Melissa are just a few of my photography favourites for you to check out. 

Have you got any tips of creating dreamy photographs? 

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