Tuesday 6 December 2016

A Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

- This Post Is In Collaboration with Skate Hut and Bliss - 

Although I love treating my loved ones to a main present, I can't help but by a stocking filler or two. From a chocolate treat to a few pamper picks, I thought I would include another post in my Christmas guide instalment ranging from affordable to more luxury items. 

Beauty products are always a good stocking filler option and the lip balms or products always go down a treat. Bliss are a brand I've previously spoken about before when it comes to body care and they do so many sets that would be perfect for Christmas gifting. 

A lot of brands have come out with baubles and crackers for Christmas and I have to say I have a few of them on my wishlist already. I would recommend looking at Charlotte Tilbury Party Eyes Kit for a luxe treat or Cowshed Cracker for a budget offering. 

Without a doubt I always scroll through Skate Hut for my boyfriend every Christmas and birthday, looking for a few extra presents to buy as he loves their designs, styles and range of clothing brands. In fact, I tend to get his main presents from here too! 

If you're really stuck then Lush is a good option too, especially if you know the person enjoys long baths, pampering and bubble bars. They have many Christmas kits for all needs and price ranges, but if all else fails, a single bath bomb or fun bar is a perfect stocking addition. 

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