Monday 5 December 2016

Feel Good TV Sitcoms Worth The Watch

When it comes to binge watching TV shows, I tend to opt for sitcoms when I need a pick me up. With Christmas coming up, there isn't a better time to sit down and snuggle up with a few TV series to sink yourself into. Even writing this post put a huge smile on my face and made me giggle throughout, so today I thought I'd share with you five of my favourite TV sit coms to watch. 

The Goldbergs | I don't think I've gone a day without referencing Bevelery Goldberg, as this show is one of my favourites to watch when I'm wrapped up in blankets and need something to put a smile on my face. This show follows a funny family set in the 80's ran by the ultimate "smother" and it never fails to make me laugh with each episode. 

My Family | I recently mentioned my love for My Family on Twitter and I was pleased to hear that so many people love it as much as I do. This feel-good show makes me feel nostalgic and is the perfect pick me up for chilly evenings. Almost every episode makes me belly laugh and with eleven series, you'll be able to watch the Harpers for hours on end. 

Gilmore Girls | I've finished all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and when the new revival episodes came out, I finished them within 48 hours. If you're looking for a series that is easy to watch and easy to follow, whilst making you laugh then I couldn't recommend this more.

Drifters | With the new season recently being released, I made it my mission to re-watch all of the old episodes and I actually forgot how much I enjoy this. This definitely isn't family friendly, but it's great if you're a fan of The Inbetweeners and Fresh Meat like myself. 

Friday Night Dinner | This is another one that I love to rewatch time and time again as its super easy to pop on when I need cheering up. This programme is about a jewish family and the antics that goes on during their Friday night dinner.

What are your favourite sitcoms to watch?  

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