Monday 11 October 2021

Three From Lush Halloween 2021

Lush Halloween 2021

If you've ever been in a Lush shop, you'll know that it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to look first. Checking out the Lush Halloween in a yearly tradition of mine, but there's three pieces I think stand out amongst the rest, so I thought I'd share with you my favourites. 

There's not a year that goes by where I haven't picked up the Punkin Pumpkin bath bomb. Obviously it's adorable to look at, but the subtle cinnamon scent makes it the perfect pick for Autumn. Just sink back into the fluffy orange fizz with a spooky book and candles for the ultimate relaxing evening. I always try and get an extra bath bomb to treat myself to on the 31st October!   

The Ghostie Bath Bomb is one I haven't had before, but it's quickly become a favourite - I just hope they bring it back in 2022! Not only is it adorable on the outside, but as once it hits water it reveals a vibrant rainbow swirl. Of course the beautiful colours are noteworthy, but it's actually the scent that I love the most about it. It's almost like sherbet as it's sweet, but without being sickly - plus it sticks around in your bathroom for hours!  

Bat Art is another repurchase of mine as although I'm not usually a fan of overly glittery bath products, the strong scent that reminds me of blackcurrant which makes the clean up worth it. It turns the water a deep purple hue that glimmers as you swish it around, plus it fills the bathroom with a delightful scent. 

Have you picked up anything from the Lush Halloween 2021 range?


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